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A selection of Lutheran theological resources

Association of Confessing Evangelical Lutheran Congregations


(PDF) The first constitution of the Missouri Synod

(PDF) Rev. Craig S. Stanford - "The Three Walls Preventing Reform of the LCMS"

(PDF) Rev. William Weedon - "Where Were Lutherans Before Luther: Patristic Quotations"

(PDF) Rev. Marcus Zill - Documentation on the syncretism controversy in the Missouri Synod (Yankee Stadium/Benke matter)

(PDF) Dr. Nathan Jastram - "Male and Female: Created in the Image of God"

(PDF) Dr. Dan Gard - "The Passover Seder and the Lutheran Congregation"

(PDF) Rev. Marcus Zill - "The Chalice Reconsidered"

(PDF) Dr. Albert Collver - "Lay Elders: A Brief Overview of Their Origin"

(PDF) Lutheran Quotations on Vestments in the Divine Service

(PDF) Rev. Paul Beisel - "To Mix or Not to Mix: The Sacramental Character of the Reliquiae"

(PDF) Bishop Jobst Schoene - "Response of Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church (of Germany) to LCMS Lay Ministry Proposals"

(PDF) Rev. John A. Frahm III - "Give Attention to the Public Reading of Scripture: I Timothy 4:13: Lectors, Pastoral Stewardship, and Gender Considerations"

(PDF) Rev. Prof. John T. Pless - "Liturgy and Evangelism"

(PDF) Rev. Prof. John T. Pless - "Ordination of Women and Ecclesial Endorsement of Homosexuality"

(PDF) Rev. Dr. John R. Stephenson - "The Holy Eucharist: At the Center or Periphery of the Church's Life in Luther's Thinking?"

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